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Ania's Poison sissy Satin Retro Rainbow Pride Panties Rare Print 100% polyester string bikini sissy mens underwear panties - FLASH SALE

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Product Details
Brand: Ania's Poison
Beautiful rainbow print panties in a silky, soft satin.
Silky Soft, made just for HIM with a nylon crotch panel.
Men should feel pretty too!
Trim Color may vary between white and pink.
Sizes are as follows:
S will range from 22-32"
M will range from 24-36"
L will range from 26-40"
XL will range from 28-44"

XXL will range from 30-46"

These are hipster style, designed for men not women (unless you like the front puffy) For the ideal fit your waist/hips should be somewhere in the middle of the range not at the beginning or the end

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