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MENS Halloween Collection Sheer sparkle Polk Dot MESH glitter string bikini panties or garter skirt! Get them BOTH

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Absolutely ADORABLE little panties for Halloween. Very limited edition panties, so don't miss them or you will be SORRY! 😉
Get the panties OR the garter! OR BETTER YET.... GET BOTH!
This is a novelty item, not for daily wear. You will shed sparkles and that's okay.
Hand wash only please
These are hipster style, designed for men not women (unless you like the front puffy).
For the ideal fit your waist/hips should be somewhere in the middle of the range not at the beginning or the end
Sizes are as follows:
S will range from 22-32"
M will range from 24-36"
L will range from 26-40"
XL will range from 28-44"

About Us:
Ania's Poison is a small lingerie company making all of our items right here in the USA. While many Chinese sellers are attempting to copy our styles now, even STEALING our photos to look like us they can not match our quality. Each item is Hand cut, Assembled, Processed and Finished by our small team of ladies in Roanoke Va! If you are looking for quality men's panties, look no further!
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